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Factory Planning – Conveying Technology
Conveying Technology

The planning of a cost-effective logistics strategy and the selection of the industrial trucks required for transportation is a core competence of our consulting company.
Our approach includes the all-encompassing provision of services and support to our customers from the initial layout planning all the way to the realisation on the shop floor. Before any investment is made, we produce a realistic feasibility study on the basis of the information provided to us about the operating cycles or items requiring transportation. We use this to select the appropriate mechanical handling equipment and determine the costs of the entire project including the foreseeable required future investment costs.

Picture: Standard Stapler als FTS

Very frequently, the savings potentials realised through the use of mechanical handling equipment are underestimated because of a lack of understanding regarding the state of the art and the associated costs.

- Recording of the status quo
- Recording of the influencing parameters
- Layout planning
- Checking the stat. throughput figures
- Simulation of the dyn. throughput figures
- Production of tender documentation
- Conducting meetings with suppliers and negotiating their tenders
- Evaluation of tenders under monetary and time aspects
- Price negotiations and awarding of contracts
- Taking on budget responsibility for entire projects
- Realisation of the project on time
- Pre-acceptance of the equipment (stat. throughput measurement)
- Acceptance of the equipment (dyn. throughput measurement)
- Handover of the equipment to the customer