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Factory Planning
All-Encompassing Planning Approach

We would like to offer our customers in all business sectors an all-encompassing planning service.
This includes the planning of new production facilities, i.e. factory and production buildings. Once again, our expertise from logistics planning and efficiency enhancement in production and office informs our activities.



Picture: 3D factory planning model

ILS takes on all the tasks involved in site development.
We analyse the general conditions, perform the site qualification, determine costs, opportunities and risks.
We devise different configuration variants, which are then evaluated in a structured manner by a team of experienced consultants in terms of their cost-efficiency and expansion capability.
Our consistent planning approach comes through in the planning of the processes, the factory layout, the plant and the equipment; it involves consideration of predetermined objectives regarding capacity, flexibility, product quality and automation level.


Our pool of consultants provides professional project management with extensive specialist expertise. Once the customer management has given the go-ahead, we manage the project until handover to the customer.
The integral planning approach, the experience of our consultants and access to a company network allow us to realise this consistent planning approach.
We have already been able to prove our competences in the area of factory planning in a great variety of projects.
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