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Holistic and consistent consulting approach

The close interlinking of processes from production all the way to the customers is increasing all the time and creating ever more new challenges for the planning and optimisation of the means of production, the logistics systems and the supply chain processes.

Picture: One-piece flow? Stock levels? Customer cycle?

Today, the challenge for manufacturing companies is to achieve reductions in throughput times and stock levels in production and to manufacture in the customer cycle. Our holistic consulting approach ranges from logistics consulting along the supply chain through the restructuring of companies or manufacturing sites all the way to the optimisation of the production processes.We guarantee a customer-specific project approach with assured quality for the planning and consulting results as well as outstanding efficiency in the project task execution. Where cost reduction for processes or company-internal workflows is concerned, we make use of the most modern technologies on the market, such as e-Kanban, RFID and intelligent AGV systems.

- Faster improvement of production equipment planning
- Improvement of process and product quality through utilisation of existing resources
- Optimisation of the production equipment
- Optimisation of the production utilisation
- Continual examination of improvement measures

During the initial phase, all existing business processes are scanned.
The aim is to identify the weak points or cost drivers of the business with this examination and to effect improvements through targeted measures as quickly as possible. The examination process covers everything including the overhead areas and all the producing sections.
In the next step, this is followed by the creation of a management reporting system for the production-relevant key figures, which were visualised on the shop floor among the production facilities.

- Order book
- Sickness absence rate
- Suggestion scheme
- Sales per employee
- Production optimisation

- a high level of social competence
- excellent leadership qualities
- natural authority