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Factory Planning


Concrete benefits to you

The improvement of performance and competitiveness is at the heart of everything we do, and so is therefore our ability to successfully support our customers in shaping their business for the future.
We offer our customers innovative solutions to improve the productivity and thereby the efficiency of their organisations.

Our claim is to achieve the set goals by devising and implementing innovative and lean solutions. We thereby ensure competitive advantages and increased efficiency for our customers. We can deliver these through our consultants, who have long years of industry and consulting experience.
Our service spectrum
Factory Planning, 3D Factory PlanningPicture: Supply Chain Optimisation

Our service spectrum ranges from the overall planning of entire factories to product planning.
This includes construction planning, production planning, layout design and logistical integration, as well as the commissioning of the equipment. Another main area of our activities is the enhancement of productivity and reduction of costs for existing production lines.
Thanks to our standardised approach, we are able to determine savings and cost potentials, which we then realise or implement in collaboration with the customer.
We also work in product design and engineering on behalf of our customers. This includes totally new design, modelling and production start-up.

Our engineers support our customers on site with engineering activities, the planning of workflows, commissioning, start-ups and process design

The path to efficiency

In the case of existing factories, process optimisation from the inside out produces speedy and visible progress. The optimisation of a factory layout starts with the optimisation of the work stations. The targeted use of lean management methods focusing on “zero waste” in the process is the central theme on the path towards the “efficient factory”. Work station optimisation uncovers the waste in processes. One consequence is that less space is used in the factory, which in turn allows further factory optimisation.

Efficient factory by factory planningPicture: Path to the efficient factory

Changes to the work station uncover waste in the factory planning, which often developed over time. The factory optimisation can then be performed in the next step. This will in turn have an impact on the entire supply chain, where waste is also uncovered.



We uncover waste in the process and illustrate it to you. An analysis of the overall process using the method of value stream mapping and determination of the process activities that do and don’t create value very quickly produce transparent results. Using simple examples, we illustrate where there is waste in the process and show ways of how it can be eliminated. We train our customers to recognise waste themselves.

Recognising waste, Factory Planning, Plant DesignPicture: Recognising waste

Factory Layout

3D plant designPicture: 3D plant layout

Designing a factory from the bottom up is one task. Designing an “efficient factory” from scratch and building it on time and on budget is a challenge. To achieve our goals, we use modern aids such as 3D CAD systems on the one hand and our standardised methods for designing waste-free processes on the other. We check and question every planning step self-critically. And we validate them through simulation. This is how we can ensure optimum factory planning.

Use of the 3D CAD models allows us to demonstrate the results of the planning phase transparently and to check them together with your experts. Any adaptations to the layout that might be required can be integrated at short notice. This makes for short coordination loops and faster factory optimisation.

Factory optimisationPicture: Factory optimization

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