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Logistics Management
The ever increasing competition in many markets is producing world-wide networking, which in turn results in increasing complexity.
This development can only be mastered by efficient global networking of corporate activities.
For many companies in commerce and industry there is still considerable rationalisation potential to be realised through the optimisation of their material flows.Greater transparency, increases in employee productivity and the reduction of process costs are just some examples.
Picture: eKanban in operation
We have proved our competence in the area of cost reduction on numerous occasions already.  You can find details on the individual projects in our publications.
Within a system of efficient global networking, the corporate activities are interlinked by means of intelligent logistics processes making use of the latest communication technologies.
This involves planning and optimising logistics processes so that they can be implemented and executed smoothly, in collaboration with all partners involved in the supply chain management.
We stand for lean and transparent processes and develop concepts for intelligent logistics processes.
We consistently pursue a holistic planning approach.
The economic evaluation of business processes must also be done holistically; stand-alone solutions can very quickly distort the actual costs of the overall process.