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Renewable Energies
Renewable Energies
INTEGRATED LOGISTICS SYSTEMS is a consultancy operating in the areas of engineering, consulting and IT systems.One up and coming business area serves the sector of renewable energies.
Picture: Reduction in solar module manufacturing costs

We have the competence to handle the setting up and engineering of offshore production sites.
We have been involved in the logistics planning of offshore production sites for the manufacture of towers and wind energy components such as main frames. We converted these former maritime production facilities into lean production sites for wind energy.
The manufacture of solar modules is a logistical challenge. The inbound delivery of bricks or wafers from China and ultimately the manufacture of solar modules to customer requirements in Germany requires considerable logistical expertise. We have been able to prove our competence in this area repeatedly through our activities for a solar module manufacturer. We succeeded in achieving considerable reductions in stock levels and throughput times for our customer, resulting in a marked reduction in manufacturing costs.