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Logistics - Supply Chain
Supply Chain
Picture: holistic view of supply chain

Over the last few decades, a certain autonomisation of dynamics and complexity has become apparent in commerce and manufacturing.
On the one hand, production is relocated due to cost and wage issues.

On the other hand, growth can only be achieved through opening up new markets. Internal process optimisation is no longer proving sufficient, since its savings and improvement potentials have been largely exhausted.
A strategic reorientation of the production and logistics network is essential to avoid falling behind in the competitive environment. What is needed is an innovative solution for design and optimisation in procurement, transportation, production and distribution.

With our supportive optimisation in procurement, transportation, production and distribution planning, we lay the foundation for harmonious logistics networks and introduce you to promising logistics strategies. During the implementation phase of the initiated optimisation measures, we take over the management of the process.
Quality, costs and transparency can be optimised in all links of the chain; from your suppliers, through your production and then all the way to the customer.
Speak to us and make use of our expertise and our practical experience.

- Optimisation of supplier quality and supplier evaluation
- Reduction in delivery times
- Optimisation of material stock levels along the supply chain
- Increase in delivery reliability
- Reduction in logistics component of product cost