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Logistics - Inbound Logistics

A global procurement and transport logistics, which is both cost-effective and of appropriate quality, in the form of an effective logistics concept, is a central factor determining the success of an operating company.
The challenge is to find the right balance of high procurement reliability, low stock levels and minimum transport costs.

Taking into account the relevant industry sector and its specific requirements, we shall develop concepts for you that will produce a reduction in logistics costs while ensuring that material availability is maintained.

- Design and optimisation of your procurement network
- Optimisation of transport scheduling, transport batch sizes and frequencies
- Introduction of regional carrier concepts, implementation of consolidation points (hubs), route optimisation
- Optimisation of goods inwards processes and warehousing / buffer storage of bought-in parts and raw materials
- Reduction in procurement costs through consolidation of freight volumes and adjustment of the terms of delivery and INCOTERMS
- Exploitation of synergy potentials through a combination of procurement and distribution
- Calculation of freight volumes in the network as the basis of tenders for logistics service providers and shipping companies
- Visualisation of the goods flows (source-destination diagram)
- Planning of the transportation organisation and container circuits
- Appropriate integration of network partners (e.g. logistics service providers)

Benefits to you:

- Reduction in logistics costs
- Guaranteed procurement reliability
- Reduction in stock levels within the supply chain
- Elimination of inefficient handling steps
- Increased transparency of logistics processes